Winter update – much desk-based research and TAG Cardiff 2017

Winter update – much desk-based research and TAG Cardiff 2017

Happy New Year everyone! I’ve been tucked away at my office desk for the last few months doing much reading so I’m a bit guilty of not posting for a while…

For a while now I’ve been busy processing some of the laser scan data from last summer’s fieldwork, and also working on some of my PhD writing. This is fascinating stuff for me as I delve into past research into brochs and 3D imaging, but I haven’t got so much to blog about in the meantime!

However, I did travel down to Wales for the annual TAG conference, just before Christmas. I’ve never been to Cardiff before so it was exciting to experience a new city. I was invited to give a paper in the session “How to See Time: A Visual Culture Perspective”, that was organised and chaired by Felicity McDowall, Lisa-Elen Meyering and Katie Haworth from the Leverhulme Centre for Visual Arts and Culture at Durham University. It was a great experience and all of the talks generated some very interesting discussion, with gave me much food for thought for my PhD, particularly about how to visualise different time periods in a single space, and how digital data might be used to show the passage of time at an archaeological site.

I didn’t come last in the TAG quiz and really enjoyed the carols performance by a traditional Welsh choir during the TAG party. Hopefully I’ll be able to see a bit more of the city next time I visit!

I’m back in Bradford now and busying away at reports and further desk-based research, but I’m also preparing for the workshop that me and Chris Casswell of DigVentures are hosting at next month’s Digital Past conference in Aberystwyth. We’re running a roundtable discussion on managing and archiving of 3D datasets (from photogrammetry and laser scanning) and ideas for best practice in the archaeological sector. Speakers from national heritage bodies, commercial archaeological units, universities and the Archaeological Data Service will be participating, so we’re hoping for some really interesting and useful discussion for all involved! More info at:

More information about the conference, including how to register, can be found here: