I had a calm and very pleasant weekend in Lerwick, exploring the town. Got a bit soggy at times but still very scenic, especially the old harbour, but I picked up a knitted souvenir (I’m the proud new owner of a Shetland fisherman’s cap – now my project hat!). I had time to process some initial data and back up and organise so much of it – many many scans and images to keep me busy this autumn and I need to keep track of it all in an organised system!

On Monday I travelled to the Shetland Museum and Archive to have a meeting and a quick stop at the Shetland Amenity Trust’s impressive headquarters. I walked around the museum’s excellent exhibits for quite some time. It’s really well worth a visit and has a great restaurant upstairs – their seafood chowder is sublime. Also I always get excited when I see any merchandise depicting anything Iron Age (unfortunately the period really doesn’t seem to be promoted as well as the Roman or Norse times), so I had a shopping spree buying Mousa and Old Scatness memorabilia to add to my collection! (Thanks Andy for the bottle of Old Scatness ale, by Valhalla Brewery!)

Late afternoon I had a chance to get a quick wander around Clickimin broch, which was just wondrous, exploring the interior with no other visitors about. Even though it is close to the main road, being surrounded by water and a protective wall, it really feels isolated and eerie.


The entrance to Clickimin broch


The ferry crossing to Kirkwall in the evening got a bit choppy but I slept through much of it, fortunately! It was an interesting procedure to reverse onto the ferry, and one that me and Andy went through again on Tuesday morning, to catch the ferry from Tingwall over to the island of Rousay. A brief stop at the delightful Betty’s Reading Room and we were off to Swandro!


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