Reading, research and Bradford

Reading, research and Bradford

I haven’t posted recently as I’ve been delving into the existing archaeological literature on the three brochs I’m researching… Their histories are greatly varied, as are the ways in which brochs have been understood and interpreted over the years, so it’s fascinating reading! I’m glad the library has such an extensive collection in this area as I go through my data trawls and research to understand brochs better.

It’s interesting working in a new city. The university definitely has an inner city feel, in contrast to Durham where I previously studied, with close rail links (two stations!) which are a short stroll away. This is very useful considering I’ve attended several Collaborative Doctoral Partnership workshops, funded by AHRC, in London over the last couple of months. My office, in the Richmond Building, has amazing views of the city. Also, there is a tradition known as Cake Monday in the School of Archaeological Sciences, where staff/PGRs have baked goods in the morning and chat. Such a good idea!

Panoramic views of Bradford from my desk

I went to the Science and Media Museum (previously known as the National Media Museum) this weekend and was very impressed with its exhibits on the history of photography and film (looking at old stereographs has become a particularly quirky hobby for me – it’s Victorian VR!). There’s much more to this region that I need to explore while I’m based here!